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Custom Built Homes, Off-Grid Homes and Renovations in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati


Your Vision is Our Focus

Everlast development group is a company committed to the design and construction of custom and affordable homes with the goals of customer satisfaction, longevity and sustainability in mind to produce a quality home that will for Everlast.

Your Vision is Our Focus

We are focused on you. Our process helps guide you to the home of your dreams. We don’t “fit” you to one of our plans, we help you design and create the plan that meets the needs of your lifestyle.  Our designers and architects will work with you to determine the features and space that will give you that perfect Everlast-ing  home.

You Consult Directly with Owners

You deal directly with the owners who are the builders, not a sales representative. You can be confident you will be heard and understood.

Providing Everlasting Quality

Our homes are extremely well built. We use techniques that are tried and true. Some are ol fashioned and some are cutting edge. We do not engineer our homes to get the most bucks out of the project and we don’t engineer our homes to get the maximum tolerance out of every item that goes into its construction. You won’t find two foot on center walls studs on an Everlast home or cardboard wall sheathing either.

Your Vision, Not Ours

Our customer centric focus will help you to understand the homebuilding process and what are the best options for you. You won’t hear “we can’t do that” or “its too late” to change now.

Why Choose Us

Success Story

I worked with Everlast on multiple projects. 3 Homes were gutted down to the studs and completely renovated. All projects were completed on schedule and ran smoothly. There was constant ongoing communication throughout the projects, and they were available literally 24/7 for any issues or inquiries I had. Every project has unexpected expenditures, but they made sure we stayed within budget, and were always transparent, honest and incredibly fair about any additional expenses or work they performed. I knew I was working with honest people whose word is their bond. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is need of construction work.

A. Friedman

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