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About Everlast Development Group

The five partners have known each other for years. We were having a discussion about the hot real estate market in 2022 and the fact there was very little inventory with prices shooting up so high and builders unwilling to build small and lower priced houses as well as alternative houses. With each of us having experience in remodeling and new construction, we decided to team up and start a company willing to build houses from 600 square feet and up. We also decided we would build “off grid” houses that would help sustain the environment and reduce the cost of home ownership.


Our Process

We are focused on your vision. Our first meeting will consist largely of trying to understand what you are
trying to accomplish with your project. We want to be on the same page as you. Only then can we make
suggestions and work to create a design that works for you in terms of your end goal, budget and. time
frame. We have no hard fast system that you must fit into. We work in a collaborative relationship with
you. We realize that each client is unique and will require personalization, from those clients that walk in with their dream project and know exactly what they want with no uncertainty to those clients that
aren’t sure where to begin.

Once we and our designers have the understanding we will create plans and we work with you on the
designs making suggestions, explaining the building process and getting your input until we have the
final plan. It doesn’t end there. We provide regular updates on progress and like to meet with you on
site throughout the entire process and are always available to answer any questions you have during the
process and beyond. You must be completely satisfied or our work is not completed.


Get to know you and your project so we can see eye-to-eye on your vision.

Preconstruction Design

As we put your vision into plans we meet as often as needed to make sure we capture your vision and create a plan to build it. You will also know the cost to build it. 

From Design to Construction

We encourage you to meet with us at your project. We will walk through your new home and you will be able to see your vision becoming reality. It may be perfect or you might say why didn’t we do something different. Maybe a window moved 3 foot gives you a better view  and we can make that change before it’s too late. 

The Finishing

You are free to choose the finishes you want. You are not limited to what we allow you to choose. Our craftsmen will install to perfection.


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our quality. We will make any problem go away for one year from completion. Our foundations are guaranteed for ten years. All manufacturers warranties are passed along to you. We are always available for any question on maintaining your home for as long as you own the home. 

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